About Us

Our business was established in 1999 as a security and emergency management advisor to local governments and businesses.

In 2004 several regional airport operators asked if we could offer advice on the new aviation security legislation.

During 2004-2005 we conducted security risk assessments, developed aviation transport security programs for regional airport operators and assisted with funding applications for security infrastructure upgrades.

In 2005 some airport operators asked us to assist with ASIC programs. We have provided a service as a contractor checking and submitting applications, then supplying the cards.

Since 2006 we have been providing further compliance advice to regional operators and presentations to their airport security committees, including security risk assessments, formal reviews and audits of transport security programs, and amendments to programs.

In 2008 our company Midwest Solutions Pty Ltd was granted approval to be an ASIC Issuing Body so that we could enhance our services to regional aviation users and others.

Using our online name Security ID we have set up this web site and an online application form to provide a fast efficient service issuing Aviation Security Identification Cards.

We print the cards ourselves and can also supply airport operators Visitor Identification Cards.

In January 2010 we changed our company name to Airport Security Pty Ltd as this better aligned with our business focus. At the same time we improved our online application form and added a facility for airports and employers to manage multiple staff applications with one login.

Our other services expanded to include transport security programs and related services for sea ports and offshore facilities.

In 2017 we are responding to the changes in the security identification schemes by expanding our networks of agents to conduct the new in-person identity verification, and providing resorces and support to those agents.

Future directions include:

  • continuing to focus on security identification services and responding to any changes that amendment to regulations may bring
  • continuing to provide a service for aviation and maritime transport security programs, audits and reviews
  • inductions and awareness training in aviation and maritime security
  • and screening advice and testing